Running Nodejs applications in production forever using pm2

I’ve been running a few production Nodejs websites for a while now. I was using pm2 . Some pm2 basics : Firstly you need to install it globally using the “-g” flag via NPM: npm install pm2 -g You can then start apps using the start command. I found passing the “-n” flag followed by a nice name of the app helps to identify the app later: pm2 start server.js -n "servername" You can get a nice list output of apps using the list command: pm2 list You can also run your app in cluster mode which spools off multiple processes. If you are wanting to run 4 process you app can be started like: pm2 start server.js -n servername -i 4 After a clustered app is started you can scale up or back using: pm2 scale servername 2 You can then manage your apps by specifying the command followed by the “id” from the “pm2 list” command: Restart pm2 restart 0 Stop pm2 stop 0 Delete pm2 delete 0 I found the logging fantastic too. You can easily tail the logs to get any errors: pm2 logs Remember to run the following command to save the processes for when […]
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